Bachmann Ad: My Dem Opponent Voted To Tax Your Beer And Deep-Fried Bacon (VIDEO)

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has a new ad out, making use of the seasonal State Fair’s imagery (without permission) to attack her Dem opponent, state Sen. Tarryl Clark, on some very important issues: Deep-fried foods — and beer!

The ad continues the theme of having the friendly “Jim the Election Guy” tell voters about issues. (I don’t get it, and neither does anyone else in this office. If you understand the reference, please tell us.) “I know, I know, it’s State Fair time and you don’t want to hear about politics,” says Jim. “But while you’re at the fair, you should know Tarryl Clark here wanted to raise taxes on your corn dog. And your deep-fried bacon. And your beer.”

“So if you see Tarryl Clark while you’re at the fair, just ask her: What’s up with voting to tax my beer?”

I still don’t get this whole “Jim the Election Guy” stuff, but I can confirm the importance of beer as a political issue in the Upper Midwest. Furthermore, this election is over if Bachmann manages to pin down the cheese-curd vote.

As the Star Tribune points out, the Bachmann ad is based on Clark having previously voted for increases in the state’s alcohol taxes, and for increases in the general sales taxes — though the latter were not specifically targeted at items such as corn dogs and deep-fried bacon.

More importantly, the paper reports that the State Fair folks aren’t too happy with the use of their logo in the ad:

A State Fair logo appears twice in the ad and Fair officials said Tuesday they were asking Bachmann’s campaign to stop using the trademarked image.

“We are making a request to her office to end the unauthorized usage of the logo,” said Brienna Schuette, a spokeswoman for the Fair. Schuette said the Bachmann campaign did not ask for permission.

“The State Fair does not endorse any candidate running for political office,” she added.