Arlen Specter Too Busy Playing Squash To Discuss Sestak’s Senate Chances

The Republicans might have some fun with the pool report just out from President Obama’s trip to Pennsylvania to help raise money for Rep. Joe Sestak’s Senate bid and the Democratic party.

Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) was there to greet Air Force One when Obama landed. A pool reporter grabbed Specter on the tarmac.

“How do you think Congressman Sestak is doing with his campaign?” asked Politico’s White House reporter Carol Lee.

Specter paused for 5 seconds, then answered: “I’m late for the squash court so I’m gonna defer that to when I can answer in one spot.”Lee followed up: “Should I interpret that as not very well?”

Specter, after another pause: “Ah, I’m late for the squash court.”

Sestak defeated Specter in the May Democratic primary, effectively unseating the decades-long senator who has been a critical ally of the Obama White House since he switched parties in 2009.

Sestak, a retired Navy admiral, hasn’t been able to move the needle since beating Specter, who was also losing badly in the polls to Republican nominee Sen. Pat Toomey.

The TPM Poll Average of this race has Toomey leading Sestak 46.5%-38.8%.