Angle-Backers’ Flyer To Retirees: ‘Your Lifespan’ Depends On Voting Against Reid

Wow, the rhetoric among Republican Sharron Angle’s supporters is getting really intense in the home stretch of the Nevada Senate race. As Jon Ralston reports, a group of Angle-backers put together a flyer and distributed it throughout the Sun City Summerlin retirement community – apparently coming from a board member of the community association — that resurrected the “death panels” smear to warn that a vote for Democrat Harry Reid could kill these elderly voters.

The message carries a disclaimer that it was not authorized by any candidate. And I should add that the overall sloppiness does make it seem like an independent, amateur job.

Key quote:

Your Lifespan
will depend on what you do on
November 2, 2010

Harry Reid voted for and pushed through the $1.1 trillion government-run healthcare takeover that has “Benefit Panels” for our seniors. These panels will decide if you get needed medical treatment, in part based on age, even if your doctor says it is medically necessary in order to save your life. If the panel decides no…that means your life will not be saved, just like in Canada, England, France, Denmark, etc. Do you want Harry Reid’s government bureaucrats to make these life and death decisions for you and your family?

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The TPM Poll Average gives Angle a lead of 49.7%-46.4%.

To see the two pages of the flyer, click here and here.