Matt Shuham

Matt Shuham is a news writer for TPM. He was previously associate editor of The National Memo and managing editor of the Harvard Political Review. He is available by email at and on Twitter @mattshuham.

Articles by Matt

In response to retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s announcement that she’d been diagnosed with dementia, which she said was “probably Alzheimer’s disease,” Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said in a statement Tuesday that “no illness or condition can take away the inspiration she provides for those who will follow the many paths she has blazed.

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President Donald Trump said Monday that he was not satisfied with Saudi Arabia’s explanation for the alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

“I am not satisfied with what I’ve heard,” he told reporters standing nearby Marine 1, a 180 degree turn since he said Friday that he thought the Saudi explanation was credible.

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National Security Adviser John Bolton told his “Russian colleagues,” during a trip to Moscow Monday, “that their meddling in our election process had hardly had any real effect,” Reuters reported.

Reuters didn’t report what, if any, proof Bolton supplied for the claim. U.S. intelligence agencies that probed Russian election interference said explicitly that they “did not make an assessment of the impact that Russian activities had on the outcome of the 2016 election.” Read the full quote below:

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