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Ahiza Garcia is a newswriter based in New York City. Before joining TPM, Ahiza interned and freelanced for Nightline, Fox Sports, and ESPN the Magazine. She holds a B.A. in psychology from Columbia University and an M.S. in digital journalism from Syracuse University.

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During his first debate on Wednesday with Democratic challenger Domenic Recchia, Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) addressed the incident that occurred after this year's State of the Union address when his threat to throw a reporter off a Capitol balcony was captured on camera.

"Sometimes I get my Italian up," Grimm reportedly said during the debate. "I'm human."

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The editors of The Boston Herald issued an apology of sorts Wednesday, saying they "sincerely regret if we inadvertently offended anyone" with a political cartoon that trafficked in racial stereotypes, according to a tweet from a news anchor at WBZ.

The cartoon by renowned cartoonist Jerry Holbert and printed in Wednesday's newspaper was accompanied by the caption: "White House Invader Got Farther Than Originally Thought." It showed President Obama brushing his teeth while the uninvited guest sat in the tub over his shoulder. As the intruder sudsed up, he asked Obama whether he'd "tried the new watermelon flavored toothpaste."

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It's been more than two years since George Zimmerman shot and killed unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla. and, although he was acquitted of murder a little more than a year ago, he certainly hasn't left the spotlight. In addition to the road rage incident earlier this month, Zimmerman has managed to compile a weighty record of violent incidents, threats and sometimes simply bizarre behavior that tends to undermine his version of events on the night he shot Martin.

Even his father, Robert Zimmerman, has raised concerns that his son is ready to explode again. In an article for its October issue that went online this week, GQ talked to his dad, who told the magazine George Zimmerman is still so afraid of being charged with federal civil rights violations in connection to the Martin shooting that he worries "if FBI agents come and kick in his door, he's probably gonna shoot a few of them."

Whether those charges will come remains to be seen. But since his acquittal Zimmerman has managed to evade the grasp of obscurity amid a swirl of domestic violence charges (pressed and then dropped), vibrant paintings (allegedly plagiarized and then sold), and celebrity boxing matches (entered and then canceled - twice).

Below, a look at his life since his acquittal.

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