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Following the Supreme Court's decision to grant an emergency injunction to a college that objected to filling out the form required to opt out of the Obamacare contraception mandate, the Obama administration is working on an alternative for nonprofits that object to covering birth control.

Wheaton College said that filling out the form required to direct a third-party insurer to cover contraception for its employees would still violate its religious beliefs. The Supreme Court decided that Wheaton could instead write a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services objecting to contraception coverage.

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After apparently watching too many James Bond marathons, the Michigan Republican Party equipped some of its staff members with eyeglasses outfitted with high-tech hidden cameras to track Democratic candidates.

The Detroit News reported last week that Michigan Democrats had come into possession of a disk recorded from a secret camera that had been used to spy at a campaign fundraiser for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer. The amateur snoops ate appetizers, discussed the interior design of the private home where the fundraiser took place and chatted with other attendees.

The Michigan Republican Party did not deny their methods and in fact volunteered to the News that the trackers had been using spyglasses with a secret camera installed in the frames.

“Republicans do it; Democrats do it,” Darren Littell, communications director for the state GOP, told the News. “People use different ways to get the footage. ... This is a newer approach.”

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BEIJING (AP) — Chinese authorities have tightened already rigorous Internet controls by cracking down on online pornography and what state media called "rumormongers" and "slanderous content."

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