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After Missouri state Sen. Bob Dixon (R) launched his campaign for governor of Missouri last week, he was forced to address details about his past that resurfaced on Friday.

Dixon, who is now married to a woman and had three children with her, revealed in 1991 that he had identified as gay for five years until a "religious experience" led him to be straight again, according to a 1992 report from the Springfield News-Leader, which was resurfaced last week by the Riverfront Times.

When Dixon addressed reports last week, he said that he was abused a child, which led to "confusion" when he was a teenager.

In 1991, Dixon told attendees at a Springfield, Mo., city council meeting about his time as a gay man, but did not elaborate on his "religious experience," which he said happened in October 1988, according to the News-Leader.

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The video of George W. Bush sitting blankly in a Florida elementary school classroom after learning that a hijacked airplane had crashed into the Twin Towers is an indelible part of Americans’ collective memory of Sept. 11, 2001. But newly released photographs taken throughout that day paint a fuller picture of how senior Bush administration officials handled the catastrophic news.

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