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GREENVILLE, SC -- Newt Gingrich loves him a presidential debate. And 45 minutes down the road in Spartanburg Saturday, he and the rest of the field is going to take the stage once again.

The debates have been very, very good to Gingrich, so it's unsurprising that around eight hours before the scheduled 8 PM kickoff of the CBS/National Journal/SC GOP forum at Wofford College tonight, Gingrich was on the stump talking about having more.

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SPARTANBURG, SC — A family of Herman Cain supporters stood on the corner outside Wofford College here Saturday in the run-up to the debate and told TPM they don’t expect their man to win on foreign policy questions, the scheduled theme of tonight’s debate.

“One person can’t be strong on everything,” John Harris, of Roebuck, SC said. He said Cain would be a good “team captain” who would hire the right advisers should he become president.

For the record, Harris and his wife, Jill, dismissed the elephant in any Cain conversation these days — the allegations of sexual harassment from Cain’s past — saying that the stories were drummed up by Cain’s opponents to stop him.

As expected, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has resigned following the lower chamber of parliament’s passage of a package of reforms aimed at warding off a spiral into debt-induced economic crisis.

Well, he's no Cicero.

After this week, it's clear America may not have Rick Perry to kick around much longer.

So in the spirt of all that is ... uh ... well ... um ...

Ah, screw it - here are some of our favorite moments of Perry at the primary podium.

Savor them - while you can.

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The producers of the film version of "Atlas Shrugged: Part One" apologized for an "embarrassing" error on the DVD cover that described the theme of their adaptation of Ayn Rand's novel as one of "self-sacrifice." As disciples of Rand, one of libertarianism's heroes, are supposed to know, Atlas Shrugged is actually all about "rational self-interest."

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Here's a killer joke. The authors of the Duqu malware are apparently big fans of the Showtime series 'Dexter,' because they've inserted a reference to it in the code of the malware's exploit, Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs has discovered.

The reference was found in a phony custom font file used in a decoy Microsoft Word document that the hackers emailed as an attachment to what cybersecurity experts believe was the first victim, a company whose name has not yet been disclosed.

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Up till now President Obama has been shadow boxing against a phantom menace: a candidate known only as "Generic Republican." Polls have fluctuated in favor of and against the President in this fight, but now that his opponent has taken on a more defined, physical form, his chances of re-election are becoming clearer. Benjy Sarlin gets in to the details.

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