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A civil case Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently settled before entering the race for the White House is raising red flags about the Texas governor just as his once-surging candidacy has hit some speed bumps.

The case focuses on Perry's alleged attempt to cover up $1 million in contributions to his 2006 campaign, and whether the Republican Governors' Association, which Perry later headed, was used as a conduit to camouflage the donations, according to a report by Murray Waas in Reuters. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Perry's direct competitor for the GOP nomination, even has a cameo in the suit because he was chairman of the Republican Governors' Association at the time.

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In an opinion column published in Cuba’s state-run media on Thursday, former Cuban President Fidel Castro lashed out at President Obama, Reuters reports.

Castro said Obama was being “stupid” over the case of five Cuban agents imprisoned for spying, who he believes have been treated unfairly.

He also reacted to President Obama’s comments on Wednesday, suggesting that the US was ready to improve relations with the island nation if Cuba embraced democratic reform.

“Many things will change in Cuba, but they will change by our own effort and in spite of the United States. Maybe before that empire falls,” he wrote.

This isn’t the first time this week Castro has criticized Obama; writing on Monday, he described Obama’s U.N. address as “gibberish.”

A U.S. appeals court has vacated a ruling against the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, saying the issue is moot since the policy has been repealed, Reuters reports.

The Apprentice-like competition within the GOP presidential field for Donald Trump's endorsement makes one wonder if it isn't the finest, most coveted, gold-plated, luxurious and meaningful note of support that anyone running for office could have.

FOX News took it upon themselves to find out how much an endorsement from The Donald will actually benefit a candidate, and the results are in! The answer: getting the nod from Trump is almost four times more likely to hobble your campaign for the presidency than help it.

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Here's how Mitt Romney is deflecting the flip-flopper charge this time around:

"In the private sector, if you don't change your view when the facts change, you'll get fired for being stupid," Romney told a town hall in New Hampshire, according to ABC News.

That's a ninja move right there.

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Engineers tasked with inspecting the Washington Monument for damaged caused by last month’s earthquake have pulled out “two dictionary-sized chunks of marble” from the monument, the AP reports.

The pieces each weighed more than ten pounds.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled something beyond a host of new Kindle devices on Wednesday: A new mobile web browser called Silk, which will run exclusively (for now) on the new Kindle Fire.

Silk will harness Amazon's massive cloud computing servers to handle memory-intensive browsing functionality and to learn from users' browsing habits and predict which pages will come next, giving users a much speedier, smoother and fully tabbed browsing experience.

As Amazon's press release on Silk notes: "Traditional browsers must wait to receive the HTML file in order to begin downloading the other page assets. Silk is different because it learns these page characteristics automatically by aggregating the results of millions of page loads..."

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The number of Americans claiming new unemployment benefits fell to a five month low last week, Reuters reports.