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The Perry campaign sought to downplay fundraising expectations on Tuesday, after a Dallas Morning News report stated that sources inside the campaign told them fundraising was going unexpectedly well and that the campaign had raised $20 million in just three days. Ray Sullivan told the Daily Caller that the figure for the entire third quarter would not be “anywhere near” the $20 million reported.

“Obviously we hope to do well and be competitive but we are working with literally half the time frame the rest of the candidates are working with,” Sullivan said. “The figure reported by the Dallas Morning News is just nuts.”

Brain researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have already decoded brain activity into watchable movies using a collection of YouTube clips. But now they want to go one step further and decode the activity of the entire visual system, allowing us to see with unprecedented clarity what people see inside their heads, according to the neuroscientist who headed the mind movie project, Dr. Jack Gallant.

"The human brain consists of several hundred distinct modules, each of which has a different function," Gallant wrote to TPM Idea Lab via email.

"The visual system occupies about 1/3 of the human brain, which suggests that there are somewhere around 75 distinct visual processing modules. The work presented in the Current Biology paper is based entirely on a model that only describes processing in a few early visual areas. Thus, there are many modules for which no processing model currently exists, and these are the focus of our future research."

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According to ABC News, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has essentially “moved to Iowa” as part of a strategy to build support for his struggling 2012 bid. However, he’s not just trying to convert undecided voters.

Santorum said his camp has even been in talks with “key people” in Bachmann’s camp. These people are not paid staff, but Iowa activists that “are in conversations with us and see things not going well for her,” he explained.

“There’s no question that doubts have been raised about Michele [Bachmann] and her electability, and certainly we clearly benefit from that,” Santorum said. “We are picking up people, not just [Tim] Pawlenty people in Iowa, but also folks who had supported Bachmann and we know that folks, even some of her key people are coming to talk to us, let’s put it that way.”

Apple has scheduled a special event next week, titled “Let’s Talk iPhone” to be held at the company’s California headquarters, Reuters reports.

Speaking to a crowd of New Hampshire politicians and business leaders on Tuesday morning, President Obama’s chief political advisor offered a blunt assessment of the road ahead for the president. According to the Huffington Post, Axelrod conceded that the president is facing a “Titanic struggle,” and that he doesn’t have the wind at his back.

Axelrod wasn’t too upset to avoid taking a poke at the GOP field, however, noting that their plans to fix the economy are the same plans that led to the economic downturn in the first place.

Unsurprisingly, former WI senator Russ Feingold has endorsed Elizabeth Warren in her run to challenge Senator Scott Brown (R-MA), the Huffington Post reports. The announcement is a key pick up for Warren in what is turning out to be a top priority for progressives across the country.

Engineers are examining the extent to which the Washington Monument was damaged last month after an earthquake hit the East Coast. Watch the engineers rappel down the monument:

Democrats are hoping Republicans' more conciliatory spirit displayed Monday night to avert a government shutdown over disaster aid is a sign of shifting political winds after August's debt showdown that resulted in Standard & Poor downgrading the nation's creditworthiness.

After the vote last night to fund the Federal Emergency Management Agency through November, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) told TPM he hopes the Senate's agreement to pass a compromise bill sends a message to Tea Party House GOP members that the do-or-die brinkmanship has got to go.

"I think we were less close to the precipice this time," he said. "I think there was a little bit more anxiety on the part of the GOP to go there, and I hope it sends a message back to the House and the Tea Party that the Senate is not going to be amenable to this stuff anymore."

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