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In July, he was heartily booed by Republican convention delegates for swiping a primetime speaking slot and conspicuously refusing to endorse Donald Trump.

In September, with Trump in a tight race with Hillary Clinton and rumblings of an emerging primary challenge to his own 2018 re-election, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) abandoned his principled stand against Trump and gave the GOP nominee his endorsement.

In a post on his Facebook page Friday afternoon, Cruz encouraged voters to cast their ballot for Trump in order to prevent a Clinton presidency, which he says would have "devastating results for our country."

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U.S. intelligence officials are examining the relationship between Carter Page, an informal foreign policy advisor for the Donald Trump campaign, and Russian officials close to Vladimir Putin -- including a Kremlin official believed to be involved in Russian attempts to influence U.S. elections, Michael Isikoff reported Friday for Yahoo News.

The report is based intelligence and congressional sources, who had knowledge of the intelligence officials' briefings with lawmakers. An unnamed U.S. intelligence source did not dispute the assertion that Page's communications with the Russian figures were being investigated when asked about it by Yahoo News.

“It’s on our radar screen,” the official told Yahoo News. “It’s being looked at."

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Welcome to the third episode of The Josh Marshall Show! This week Josh chats with Josh Green, a journalist at Bloomberg Businessweek. They discuss the differences between Clinton's campaigns in 2008 and 2016, and talk about Steve Bannon and Breitbart.

Starting this week, we are releasing a shorter, free, publicly available version of the podcast! This edition, embedded below, is available on Soundcloud and will be available on iTunes soon. To listen to the full podcast, sign up for Prime for free access or download the episodes for $1 on Podbean.


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