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When Mohammad Abu-Salha learned that an Oklahoma man had been arrested on suspicion of fatally shooting his Lebanese-American neighbor last week, he felt a sickening sense of déjà vu.

In February 2015, Abu-Salha's daughters, Yusor and Razan, and his son-in-law, Deah Barakat, were fatally shot, execution-style, in their apartment in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Prosecutors say neighbor Craig Stephen Hicks confessed to the triple homicide.

“We felt it’s a copycat case,” Mohammad Abu-Salha told TPM in a Wednesday phone interview.

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Ann Coulter appears to wrestling with the five stages of grief that come when the GOP nominee upon whom you pin an anti-immigration book makes some erratic comments backtracking from his own hardcore stances the very week your book is set to drop.

Coulter hosted a book party for the launch of "In Trump We Trust" just hours before Fox News aired a town hall Wednesday evening during which Trump went the farthest yet in walking back his previous anti-immigration proposals. Among other things, he said his government would "work with" undocumented immigrants and he would let some stay if they paid back taxes.

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In a not unexpected move, immigrant advocates filed a lawsuit Thursday taking on a federal court ruling that blocked President Obama's 2014 executive actions providing deportation relief to certain undocumented immigrants.

The lawsuit argues that the federal judge who blocked the implementation of the programs -- Andrew Hanen, a conservative in southern Texas -- did not have the authority to impose a nationwide injunction. Because the Supreme Court was evenly divided when Hanen’s order was appealed to the eight justices, the new lawsuit could open the door for Obama's actions to go back into effect for at least some undocumented immigrants living in other parts of the country.

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