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This week, local and national media have been stunned by the revelation that Missouri state Rep. Rick Brattin (R-Harrisonville) filed H.B. 131, a bill that would change the state’s informed consent requirements for an abortion to mandate that the pregnant person obtain written consent from the “father of the unborn child.” The only thing surprising about Missouri’s proposed “father’s consent” abortion bill? That it took so long for it to get filed.

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"All of the feelings,” I posted on Facebook yesterday, in an uncharacteristic act of vaguebooking, along with a link to a news story about the changes made by the Obama Administration to the U.S.-Cuba policy. And the only phrase that really rang true from President Obama’s speech yesterday ran along similar lines. He said, in a stilted accent, “no es fácil”—it isn’t easy. There isn’t much that’s easy about the situation with Cuba. And being the child of Cuban exiles (my conservative father would never say “immigrant”), raised in the U.S., and having never visited Cuba, makes it even more personal and complicated. The emotional worlds I straddle constantly split me in two, especially on days like yesterday.

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Last week,'s story on a Harvard Business School professor who waged war on a local Chinese restaurant because of a $4 overcharge went viral.

So the website followed up with more juicy scoops. It reported the professor, Ben Edelman, had previously berated management at another sushi bar. In another article, it reported the professor escalated his campaign against the restaurant with an email that contained a racial slur. But Edelman denied writing the racially charged email, and the website took down the story because it couldn't verify that he was the sender.

Now it appears is taking the editor who wrote the articles, Hilary Sargent, down a peg as well.

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