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Idaho Man Rings In Holidays With Ku Klux Klan Snowman (VIDEO)


Eliseuson, of course, doesn't see what's wrong with his snowman at all! "It's just a snowman," he says. Totally! Just one of those great small-town snow-sculpture tributes to the classic SNL skit "Coneheads" that also makes a powerful statement about suicide by hanging.

Unfortunately, his neighbors didn't seem to get that. When asked by a local TV reporter why he thought were offended, Eliseuson put his keen intellect to the task: "Hell if I know. Wanna cause trouble." The nerve of those trouble-makers! The busybodies called the police, and local TV station KXLY, to complain.

Eliseuson was told by cops that the noose was probably illegal, though it was apparently gone by the time they showed up (this picture, taken by a neighbor, shows how the snowman originally looked). According to KXLY, he and his friends also removed the snow "hood." It's a Christmas miracle!


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