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Bill Clinton Rips Birthers During Yale Commencement Speech (VIDEO)


"The only place where we're bigoted now is we only want to be around people who agree with us," Clinton said. "We go to the television stations, we go to the radio talk shows, we go to the blog sites that agree with us. And it can have very bizarre consequences."

The Birther movement is one of these consequences, Clinton said.

"Hawaii, the state were President Obama was born, has done everything they can to debunk this myth that he wasn't born in America. They've done everything but blow up his birth certificate, put it in neon lights and hang it on the dome of the capitol. But 45% of registered Republicans still believe that he is serving unconstitutionally. Why? Because they've been told that by the only place they go to get information."

Watch the entire speech (Birther comments come at 19:00):

(h/t Politico)

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