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The Miss USA pageant has suddenly found itself without hosts or broadcaster.

Professional dancer Cheryl Burke announced on Tuesday that she was withdrawing as co-host thanks to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s derogatory comments towards Mexican immigrants, according to CNN. Later, NBC confirmed that newsman Thomas Roberts was also relinquishing his hosting duties.

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Gay couples can now seek marriage licenses in every state in the country, thanks to the recent Supreme Court decision, but that doesn't mean they'll get a warm welcome.

A woman waiting in line in the clerk's office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota -- one of the states where same-sex marriage wasn't legal until Friday's ruling -- says she overheard the clerk comparing gay marriage to beastiality.

Ellee Spawn, who was waiting at the Minnehaha County treasurer's office with her daughter Monday, told KSFY the county clerk was discussing the same-sex marriage ruling with a person ahead of Spawn in line.

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Walmart came under criticism this week from a Louisiana man named Chuck Netzhammer, who was upset that the company baked him a custom cake featuring the Islamic State battle flag one day after denying his request for a cake decorated with the Confederate flag. In a YouTube video that has since been taken down, Netzhammer holds up the black and white cake and demands an explanation from the company.

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