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NEW YORK (AP) — Every minute of every day, usually without thinking, thousands of New Yorkers reach across the counter at shops and supermarkets and accept a disposable plastic bag. The city's sanitation department estimates that 10 billion bags a year are tossed in the trash — roughly 19,000 bags per minute.

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Sean Anderson, who was one of the final four individuals holed up at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon earlier this year says he is "very embarrassed" and "very ashamed" by his behavior, according to a report from the Oregonian.

Anderson had been a major character during the standoff, cutting several videos where he proclaimed to preparing for a "bloodbath" with authorities and another one where he allegedly shot his gun into the air saying "keep your eye in the sky."

Anderson apologized during a court appearance in Portland.

"I was very embarrassed," Anderson told the court according to the Oregonian. "I am very ashamed of it."

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