Westboro Baptist Rips Off, Pickets Ozzy Osbourne (AUDIO)


The Westboro Baptist Church, the notorious Kansas congregation known for their stunt conservative-themed protests of high-profile funerals, has found a new target: 62-year-old rocker Ozzy Osbourne. Yes, Ozzy, who’s now about as controversial as Michael Bolton (albeit after a long career that had some colorful highlights.)

Nevertheless, the Westboro Baptist Church — which is led by the decidedly controversial 81-year-old Fred Phelps — reports there’s much to fear from Osbourne, a reality show comedy foil and cellular phone pitchman. In a flier the church is currently distributing in Kansas City, MO ahead of Osbourne’s scheduled concert there Saturday night, Westboro says unequivocally that “God hates Ozzy Osbourne.”From the flyer:

He promotes all the filth and rebellion he can and has the gall to call the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ “evil” for warning this doomed world?

Accompanying the cautions against what Ozzy is about to do to Kansas City is a link to Westboro’s “parody” of Ozzy’s hit Crazy Train. The parody was first rolled out late last year while the Westboro crew was arguing before the Supreme Court for their right to hold anti-gay protests outside military funerals. The outcome of that case is still pending.

But Westboro rolls on, turning its attention to rock’s self-appointed Prince Of Darkness and showcasing just how evil Ozzy is by using his own talents against him. Call it the Weird Al approach to cultural protest.

As for Ozzy, he told E! back in October he was “sickened and disgusted” that Wesboro would use his music “to promote messages of hate and evil.”

Listen to the Westboro parody here. Check out the lyrics below:

(Begins with Maniac Laughter)

Amazing, that’s how God rolls
Millions of people, drowning in woe
Crazy, it’s much too late
To speak about love, when you brought on is hate

Crying about your feelings, or your sin, no shame

You’re going straight to hell, on a crazy train
You’re going straight to hell, on a crazy train

Let’s go

You listen to preachers, your leaders are fools
You’re raping false prophets, who make their own rules
The base is ascending, to rule and control
The media sells it, and you pay the toll

The station goes deceiving, their torment you in flames
You’re going straight to hell, on a crazy train  

We’ve told you your destruction is imminent
You should have listen to our words

Isn’t God’s fury?, That’s forced onto them,
The ruling rebellion, God is made to numb
Crazy, the pride as you well
Your birth will be brutal, he will say what is fair

God is not been sleeping, he’s gonna bring the pain
It’s time for your finally ride on this crazy train

You’re finally stop is hell on this crazy train

Andrew Jones contributed to this report.