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Video Shows Christie Speaking Fondly Of Exec Whose Company Is Tied To Scandal


Smith, who has donated $2,000 to Christie since 2009, is an executive vice president at the Rockefeller Group and leader of the company's development efforts in New Jersey.

On Tuesday, the Star-Ledger surfaced a photo of Christie and his wife standing with Smith at a Sept. 26 gala where the Christies were honored by Daytop New Jersey, a substance abuse treatment and education program. Smith is on Daytop's executive committee.

In the video of Christie's speech at the event, he encouraged guests to continue to support Daytop. He also acknowledged someone he described as a member "of the board" named "Les," who he described as having supported the program for "a long time."

"You need to know that tonight can't be the last time you help," Christie said. "For those of you who've been here for a long time ... Les is here, I don't need to tell Les that, members of the board who are here that have been there a long time. But there's a lot of you out here tonight who might just be here for tonight. Don't be."

Christie's office and the Rockefeller group have not responded to requests for comment about the governor's relationship with Smith.

Watch video of Christie's speech below. He refers to "Les" about 17 minutes in.

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