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Veterans: Romney Lying About Obama Suit's Effect On Military Voters


Murphy said Romney's opposition to the lawsuit was part of a coordinated effort to suppress the vote.

"President Obama is trying to restore voting rights for all people in Ohio and all across the country. They just want to give them a fair shake and let their voices be heard," Murphy said. "I was absolutely dumbfounded when I found out over the weekend what Mitt Romney is trying to pull. He's trying to pull the wool over people's eyes and trying to use our veterans as props to further his lies."

Jon Soltz, a veteran who now works with, said that he was "appalled" by the narrative coming out of Ohio.

"Obviously with the narrative the Romney campaign is pushing, they probably don't have a lot of people around them who have actually served," Soltz said. "We also agree, like the president does, that someone who served in World World II in the Battle of the Bulge or someone who lost their legs in Vietnam has just as much of a right to vote as today's veteran."

Romney's campaign claimed Sunday that Obama opposed special treatment for service members, though Obama's suit explicitly said that Ohio "appropriately" granted voting rights to members of the military in the three days before the election.