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The Daily Muck

  • A coalition of activist groups will today formally ask state bar associations to disbar Bush Justice Department lawyers -- including John Ashcroft, John Yoo and Jay Bybee -- who authorized torture. (Bloomberg News)
  • Madoff investors and associates Stanley Chais and Carl Shapiro are being "scrutinized" by federal prosecutors as to whether they told Madoff how much in returns they wanted. (WSJ)
  • AIG has hired the Blackstone Group to advise on a plan to sell shares in its Asian life unit in order to raise money to pay the government back for its four bailouts. (Bloomberg)
  • Harold Jackson, the op-ed page editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer responds to criticism of the paper's decision to hire as a regular columnist torture architect John Yoo -- and falsely accuses Philly Daily News blogger Will Bunch, who broke the story last week, of disseminating "poor information." (Philadelphia Inquirer)