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The $100K Club: Presidential Super PACs Almost Entirely Funded By Six Figure Contributions (CHART)


Restore Our Future probably wouldn't care much about, say, Massachusetts man Jonathan Whitesell, who donated $17.76 to Romney's super PAC in September. The group could focus its efforts on attracting 56,306 donors just like Whitesell, or they could just focus their efforts on one rich individual like Paul Singer, a principle of Elliott Management Corp., who gave $1 million to the group.

Even donors like Frank V. Sica -- a managing partner at Tailwind Capital who gave $25,000 (well above the amount he'd be able to legally give the Romney campaign) to Restore Our Future -- don't really matter on the bottom line. Restore Our Future would need to recruit 40 Frank Sicas to replace one Singer.

Other super PACs associated with former or current Republican presidential contenders were in the same ballpark. Rick Perry's Make Us Great Again came in at 86.59 percent; Jon Huntsman's Our Destiny PAC at 87.19 percent; Newt Gingrich's Winning Our Future at 96.14 percent; and Ron Paul's Endorse Liberty at 88.23 percent. Rick Santorum's Red White and Blue Fund came in with the lowest percentage of dollars from donors who gave in the six figures at 79.59 percent.

TPM's Clayton Ashley made this chart to demonstrate just how much much big donors in the $100,000+ club matter to super PACs: