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Sherrod: 'I Really Think I Should' Sue Breitbart (VIDEO)


She agreed with the hosts that it would be a "great thing" if Big Government was shut down. "I don't see how that advances us in this country."

"It's hard for me to understand a person like him, and it's hard for me to understand what is his purpose, what is he trying to do really," she said. "He could easily make a decision to destroy me, but in destroying me, what else is he trying to do?"

Sherrod also said on today that she'd like to have a meeting with President Obama.

"I can't say that the president is fully behind me, I would hope that he is," she said on Good Morning America. "I would love to talk to him."

"He is not someone who has experienced what I have experienced through life, being a person of color. He might need to hear some of what I could say to him," she told me. "I don't know if that would guide him in a way that he deals with others like me, but I at least would like to have the opportunity to talk to him about it."