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Sheriff Turns Wis. 'Chokehold' Investigation Over To Subordinates


Mahoney's full statement:

The Office of Sheriff is an elected Constitutional Office and as such the Sheriff is political, even at times endorsing other candidates at the local, state and national level. Although the Office of Dane County Sheriff is an elected office, the duties of the men and women of the Sheriff's Office are not now nor have they ever been political.

"As Sheriff I demand a high level of ethical conduct and integrity of staff and investigations undertaken by the Sheriff's Office; and I place those same expectations on myself," said Sheriff Dave Mahoney.

"Although as Sheriff, I honored the request of the Capitol Police to conduct an investigation into the Supreme Court incident on June 13, 2011, I turned the case over to the Chief Deputy. The Chief Deputy then assigned the case to the Captain of Field Services, who in turn assigned a team of detectives and supervisors to investigate the case and oversee the investigation. As the Sheriff I have no role in the assignment of detectives and supervisors or overseeing the investigation," said Sheriff Dave Mahoney.