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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Still Raises Big Campaign Cash Despite Federal Investigations


The latest fundraising means the Arizona sheriff has brought in about $6.8 million since the Justice Department opened both criminal and civil investigations into him and his office four years ago. The announcement comes just weeks after the Justice Department filed a massive civil rights lawsuit against the sheriff and his office, accusing them of repeatedly violating the rights of Latinos.

In a prepared statement, the sheriff said the support was "overwhelming."

Arpaio has shattered his previous fundraising record in Maricopa County, Ariz., where he holds office, of $600,000. His haul also tops what Arizona's three main candidates for U.S. Senate raised as of their most recent campaign finance filings on March 31.

The reports show Republican Wil Cardon raised just more than $4.9 million for the U.S. Senate race while his primary opponent Jeff Flake raised about $3.9 million. Democrat Richard Carmona raised more than $1.3 million.

Of the money that he's brought in, however, Arpaio has already spent a big chunk of it, more than $2.7 million, most of it on fundraising. That leaves just $4.1 million in the bank as the campaign season heats up.

Still, Arpaio continues to lead his opponents by huge amounts. The Associated Press reported Democratic challenger Paul Penzone has managed to raise just $148,000 while independent challenger Mike Stauffer raised about $43,000.