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Rick Scott Campaign Worker: I Was Paid In Gift Cards (VIDEO)


"This would violate both tax laws and labor laws," Melanie Sloan, the Executive Director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) told TPMmuckraker in an email. "It looks like the newly elected AG will be investigating the newly elected governor.

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"Obviously you can't pay bills with gift cards," Givens said.

A spokesperson for the Scott campaign acknowledged to the news station that there was an issue getting Givens paid via check. The Scott spokesperson said that a campaign supervisor decided to give Givens gift cards. He said the cards can be reimbursed for cash (though, as the station points out, there is a surcharge). The campaign said it would pick up that surcharge for Givens or any other campaign workers, or fix the check issue.

As for Givens? He told the station he is "going Democrat."