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Republican Commits Voter Fraud By Registering Dog As A Democrat


The news station interviewed the man on camera but granted the dog owner anonymity, and faded out any personal information, though it's wasn't clear why.

Danielle Todesco, the reporter who put the piece together, said in an email to TPM that she discussed the decision to grant the man anonymity with her news director.

"Yes, he gave them fraudulent information, but he also exposed the fact that maybe the system isn't working if his dog was able to get registered," Todesco told TPM in an email. "It shouldn't have gone through, and I think the county clerk needs to address that."

Liz Hamm of the Bernalillo County Clerk's Office told TPM that they had contacted their legal department and have been in touch with the sheriff's department about the false voter registration. They have identified the registration card in question. Hamm wasn't sure if she could identify the last name or address on the registration card but said she would email a copy to TPM this afternoon.

Here's the video: