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Report: GOP's Rivera Ran Democratic Primary Shadow Campaign


Campaign vendors said that Rivera helped orchestrate a mail campaign on behalf of Justin Lamar Sternad, who was campaigning against Democratic candidate Joe Garcia. From the Herald:

Interviews with campaign sources, invoices, campaign records and other documents show that Rivera personally and frequently called Rapid Mail about Sternad's mailers. During one call, Rivera directed an employee to walk outside, check the office mailbox for an envelope containing payment for one mailer, the sources said.

The envelope was stuffed with cash -- $7,800.

According to the Miami New Times, Sternard's campaign was run by Ana Alliegro, a GOP operative connected to Rivera.

Rivera's office issued a statement saying that he "has never met or spoken to Mr. Sternad and knows absolutely nothing about him or his campaign." A separate state investigation into Rivera's business dealings wrapped up earlier this year.