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Prosecutor To George Zimmerman: Quit Complaining About The Judge


"His claim that the court has done anything to engender a reasonable fear of undue prejudice is absurd on its face," de la Rionda wrote.

Last week, Zimmerman said he had "lost faith" in the court and asked Judge Kenneth Lester, Jr., to step aside after the judge called him a liar and manipulator in one of his rulings.

But de la Rionda said Zimmerman has gotten better treatment than most people charged with serious crimes. He pointed out that Zimmerman has been set free on bail twice, allowed to leave Florida while awaiting trial and allowed to have his family members testify on his behalf by phone rather than forcing them to come to court.

One or two unfavorable rulings, de la Rionda wrote, "is not sufficient to warrant disqualification."

Read his response:

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