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One Of Kris Kobach's Zombie Voters Actually Still Alive, Thanks


Kobach, who helped write the Arizona immigration law, had highlighted Brewer's name at a press conference on Thursday. He said that Brewer's Social Security said he was born in 1904, but voter registration roll had him being born in 1900.

"An Alfred K. Brewer voted in the 2010 primary election," Kobach said. "Is it the same one? We are still trying to achieve confirmation of this but it certainly seems like a very real possibility."

The 78-year-old Brewer said he first registered to vote in Kansas in 1964, and plans to cast a ballot Tuesday (no word on for whom). The confusion might have been because Brewer has the same name as his father, who did die in 1996.

A spokesman for Kobach's Democratic opponent Chris Biggs said in a statement that this was "exactly the kind of mistake a qualified candidate for Secretary of State would never make."