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NJ GOPer In 'Rentboy' Scandal Put On Leave From Lockheed Martin


Beginning Friday, Myers was put on administrative leave "indefinitely," according to a spokesman for the Moorestown operations of Lockheed, Kimberly Ramalho. According to the Cherry Hill Courier Post, "Ramalho said Lockheed Martin put Myers on leave in an effort to avoid workplace distractions." Myers is a vice president in charge of overseeing the company's energy programs.

Myers claims that he can't say for sure whether pictures of him in blue Calvin Klein underwear, released by a man purporting to work the male escort site, are real. The man alleges that Myers agreed to pay him $500 for sex, and identified himself as a mayor from New Jersey.

"These claims are ridiculous," Myers has said. "I believe I've been wronged by stories pinned on anonymous reports."

Myers has refused to resign, and last week again denied the allegations at a special meeting of the township council. "I categorically deny the allegation," he said. "The Internet is an anonymous, murky place and anyone cay say anything they want."