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McDonnell's Wife May Have To Part With Her Gold Oscar De La Renta Dresses

AP Photo / AP

To begin with, there's the cash: $140,805.46.

Then there are the shoes. A pair of black Rebecca Minkoffs, two pairs of Louis Vuittons (a black pair and a white pair), and two pairs of Foot Joy golf shoes. And a number of dresses: a yellow Peter Som, two gold Oscar de la Rentas, and a blue Armani jacket with two "matching dresses."

Accessories, too. A cream-colored Louis Vuitton purse and matching wallet, a silver Rolex watch engraved with "71st Governor of Virginia," and a pair of Amelia Rose earrings.

There's also a lot of golf gear. Two sets of clubs. Six golf shirts, in a whole range of colors. Three golf bags.

Finally, the miscellaneous items. Two iPhones. A water color by Heather Mackenzie. And perhaps the most fitting item: 30 boxes of Anatabloc, the anti-inflammatory dietary supplement produced by Star Scientific, the company whose now-former CEO, Jonnie Williams, was the one providing all the money and gifts to the McDonnells in the first place.