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MasterCard And Visa To Stop Processing Wikileaks Donations


Today, Visa Europe announced it is also beginning the process to stop payments to Wikileaks. Visa didn't go as far to say Wikileaks is engaging in illegal activity; instead, Visa said the suspension is pending an investigation. A spokeswoman told BBC that the investigation will examine Wikileaks' business and whether it violates Visa rules.

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Wikileaks is supported by donations, which have taken blow after blow as PayPal, the Swiss Post Office bank and now the two credit cards companies have cut off Wikileaks. The organization's founder, Julian Assange, was also soliciting donations for his legal defense stemming from sexual assault allegations in Sweden. He surrendered to British police today and was denied bail. also booted Wikileaks off of its servers, and other tech companies have severed their relationships with the site as well.