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Louisiana House Green-Lights Ten Commandments Monument At Capitol


"The significance is historical," Williams told Reuters. "Our laws are based on the Ten Commandments. In fact, without them, a lot of our laws would not exist."

From the Reuters report:

Williams' bill provides for installation of a monument up to six feet tall, to be paid for with private donations. He says he modeled the bill on a Texas law that allowed placement of a granite monument displaying the Commandments on the Texas Capitol grounds, where it stands among more than a dozen monuments to historical figures and events.

Opponents, of course, believe the monument infringes on the separation of church and state. "If the government is sending a pro-religion message, that's unconstitutional," Marci Hamilton, a professor at Yeshiva University, told Reuters.

"The Legislature is signaling that it's welcoming millions of dollars of litigation, because this will be challenged," she added.

The bill now heads to the senate. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) says he will support the bill.

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