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Justice Department Defends ACORN Funding Ban


Though the move appears to put the Obama administration on the side of the GOP in opposition to ACORN, it's not quite that simple. When a law passed by Congress and signed by the president is challenged by the courts, it's hardly unusual for the Justice Department to defend it. Still, at a time when progressives aren't exactly singing the White House's praises, the optics aren't great.

Issa, who has led the GOP charge against ACORN, had this week urged DOJ in a letter (pdf) to weigh in immediately on Judge Gershon's ruling. In response to the news that it has, he released the following typo-strewn statement:

Given the numerous ongoing investigations being conducted surrounding ACORN's criminal activities, the federal government will and should vigorously defend what the President signed and Congress overwhelmingly passed--a bipartisan recognition that ACORN is not fit to receive federal funds to perform duties on behalf of the American people. There is no plausible way we can allow a left-wing activist Judge usurp (sic) the authority of the President and Congress in an effort to bypass Constitutional authority so that a criminal organizations (sic) plagued by criminal accusations can have a court-ordered (sic) to entitlement to taxpayer dollars.