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Jindal Gives Senators Confidential Copies Of Health Care Agency Report


"We have significant concerns that premature disclosure of the report will prejudice the (solicitation for offers) and negotiations process. This is not a matter of secrecy, but a basic component of our ability to make decisions that are within our purview, to direct the integrity of a successful procurement," Rainwater wrote to Senate President Joel Chaisson, in a letter obtained by the AP.

The state senate has declared the report confidential.

The administration says that privatizing OGB will net a big upfront payment, perhaps as much as $150 million, while allowing the state to cut around 150 jobs, and save millions a year. They further argue that privatization would only affect the 62,000 OGB members who participate in the agency's preferred provider organization (PPO) program, which is both self-funded and self-administered. But critics have countered that OGB is well run, and should not be altered, and have raised questions about the fate of OGB's $500 million surplus fund.

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