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The Democratic Party has requested a judge to order the White House to turn over 68 pages of e-mails written by White House staffers using Republican National Committee e-mail accounts. The request comes as part of a lawsuit filed by the Democratic National Committee against the Justice Department concerning the firing of U.S. Attorneys. (AP)

As expected,, a conservative group with plans to spend money in support of or opposition to candidates in the upcoming elections, has filed a lawsuit against the FEC arguing that "because individuals are allowed to spend as much money as they want on independent efforts to influence elections, it should be unconstitutional to impose restrictions when two or more individuals get together to form a group to spend money on elections." Current regulations would require the group to register as a "political committee" and to abide by individual contribution limits. (Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire)

In yesterday's press briefing White House spokeswoman Dana Perino explained the President's decision to veto a bill limiting CIA interrogators to methods outlined in the Army Field Manual by claiming that the manual - which applies to all members of the Army - "is a perfectly appropriate document that is important for young GIs, some so young that they’re not even able to legally get a drink in the states where they’re from." According to Perino, CIA interrogators, on the other hand, have "an average age of 40" and are "professionals who are given hundreds of hours of training." (Think Progress)