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GOPer Readying New Legislation To Ban RNC 'Census' Mailer Once And For All

Newscom / Scott J. Ferrell

"We do not want people misinformed or disenfranchised," he added.

The RNC has said that its mailer -- reported by TPMmuckraker yesterday -- did not violate the law passed by Congress last month. The RNC may be hanging that claim on the fact that the new mailer doesn't say the word "Census" on the outside of the envelope -- which, according to Bardella, is required to trigger the law. Rather, the word appears through the envelope's window. Issa's new legislation would close that loophole.

Issa, the top GOPer on the House Oversight committee, had previously declared of the RNC's mailer: "Nothing could be more wrong."

Bardella said that Issa would offer the legislation in place of sending a letter of complaint to RNC chair Michael Steele, as previous reports indicated he planned to do, alongside Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT).

Congressional Democrats have already called on the US Postmaster General to probe whether the mailer is legal under current law.