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GOP Rep Michael Grimm: I'd Be 'Very Stupid' To Take Cash Near FBI Building


A complaint against Grimm has been filed with the Federal Election Commission by Paul Duffy, a Staten Island voter within Grimm's district, who said in a statement that he was "deeply troubled by the serious allegations facing Congressman Michael Grimm and his fundraising tactics."

Grimm, who had recently been on the road campaigning on behalf of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, has strongly denied the allegations and hired a team of attorneys and public relations managers to handle the scandal.

"I never took any illegal cash contributions. Ever," Grimm told a hometown newspaper, the Advance. "I never conspired or coordinated or ever in any way discussed funneling illegal contributions. It is absolute nonsense."

Grimm said the idea that he, as a former FBI agent, would accept $5,000 in cash in an envelope outside of the FBI building in New York shows how "ridiculous" the allegations are.

"Not only are they saying I'm a criminal, they're saying I'm a very stupid criminal," Grimm said. "Everyone knows that that building is under surveillance for blocks. So why would I go where there's surveillance to do a criminal act? That's why I'm saying it's preposterous."