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GOP Operative Behind 'Despicable' Anti-Halter Ad



The ads will run through Friday -- just five days before the primary.

AJS, founded in 1997, says it advocates "free markets and pro-paycheck public policy." It was a key opponent of the Employee Free Choice Act, which Democrats and labor sought unsuccessfully to advance last year. On its website, the group explains why it does not disclose its members or donors: "Too often politicians or the media define an organization or message not by the merits of the argument, but rather by the perception of the people associated with it. We would rather the people decide on merits instead of name-calling."

AJS's president, Stephen DeMaura, is a former executive director of the New Hampshire GOP, though he's still in his mid twenties. In 2007, he gained brief notoriety as the creator of the "Stop Hillary Clinton: (One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary)," Facebook group,
a play on the Facebook group "Barack Obama: (One Million Strong for Barack)," group. DeMaura also is the founder of, a frequently updated New Hampshire political news site. DeMaura did not respond to a request for comment.

Halter, too wants to know who's behind the ads. His campaign has filed an FEC complaint against the ads, charging that the ads constitute a direct attack on him, rather than issue advocacy, and therefore their funding needs to be disclosed. AJS has disagreed, calling the ads "true issue advocacy."