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Gibbs Calmly Takes Down Massa Over Allegations Of Dem Plot (VIDEO)


"I think this whole story is ridiculous. I think the latest excuse is silly and ridiculous," Gibbs said on Good Morning America. Host George Stephanopoulos had asked about Massa's charge that Dem leaders plotted to get him out of the way in order to ram through a health care bill.

"George, let's go through what we've heard from Congressman Massa," Gibbs added. "On Wednesday, he was having a recurrence of cancer. On Thursday he was guilty of using salty language. On Friday we learned he's before the ethics committee to be investigated on charges of sexual harassment."

"I think clearly his actions appear to be in the appropriate venue in the ethics committee to look at. But we're focused not on crazy allegations but instead on making this system work for the American people."

Watch the video: