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Florida Paid Rekers $120K For Anti-Gay Adoption Testimony


Rekers, a co-founder of the Family Research Council and a board member of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, testified in 2008 that gay people have a higher incidence of depression, substance abuse and break-ups. Therefore, he said, they're incapable of providing a safe and stable home to adopted children.

Rekers, who admitted to employing the escort but who denies any sexual contact, has adopted a child.

The escort says Rekers paid for one-hour erotic massages.

Rekers also testified on behalf of the state of Arkansas. A two-year legal battle ensued when Rekers billed the state for $165,00, more than the state wanted to pay. In the end, Rekers received a $60,000 settlement, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

In both Florida and Arkansas, the judges dismissed Rekers' testimony as too ideological to be credible.