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FL Political Candidates Rick Scott, Pam Bondi Spoke At GOP Lawyers' Meeting


They could also expect an appearance by a "Florida Republican leader." At the Sept. 10 seminar, Rick Scott, the former hospital mogul and current Republican candidate for governor, spoke before the group. So did Pam Bondi, the GOP candidate for state attorney general, according to photos posted to the association's Facebook page.

The general counsel for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Sean Cairncross, also spoke, about "the outlook for U.S. Senate races across the nation."

As TPMmuckraker has reported extensively, Republicans have a habit of ginning up fears of voter fraud just before national elections, often focusing on minority areas. This year, tea party groups have taken up the mantle in places like Minnesota and Texas -- but that doesn't mean the big national Republican groups, like the RNLA, have stopped.