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FL GOP: Our Former Chair Is Under Criminal Investigation


When John Thrasher took over as the new chair, he pledged to audit the party's finances. And in a statement released today, Thrasher wrote that during the course of the audit, it was discovered that the GOP "may have been the victim of illegal criminal activity on the part of one of its vendors, controlled by a senior-level official." Thrasher said he notified the state's attorney general -- GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum -- who "referred this matter to the proper authorities." Thrasher added: "Potential illegal activity on the part of this vendor and the former RPOF official involved is now the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation."

According to the audit, which was released by the state party today and examine by TPMmuckraker, the GOP entered into a fundraising agreement with a company co-owned by Greer and Johnson. The agreement called for Greer and Johnson's company to be paid a 10 percent commission on all dollars raised. Ultimately the two pocketed nearly $200,000.

Crist is trailing Marco Rubio in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate nomination. Rubio's supporters have used Greer's ongoing ethical woes in an effort to tarnish Crist. In a statement released this afternoon, Rubio said he was "deeply troubled" by news of the investigation.

Greer declined to comment to the AP.