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Federal Judge Invites Lawyers To 'Kindergarten Party' To Teach Them Not To Waste His Time


In response, Sparks invited them to a "kindergarten party" originally scheduled for today at 10 a.m. Thursday, but subsequently cancelled, where they would have learned how to "telephone and communicate with a lawyer," "enter into reasonable agreements about deposition dates," "limit depositions to reasonable subject matter" and why "it is neither cute nor clever to attempt to quash a subpoena for technical failures of service when notice is reasonably given."

"Please remember to bring a sack lunch!" Sparks wrote. "The United States Marshals have beds available if necessary, so you may wish to bring a toothbrush in case the party runs late."

Seems like lawyers for Brigham official Lance Langford got the message, withdrawing their motion to quash the subpoena. Sparks cancelled Thursday's "party" shortly afterward, writing in an court document:

"IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the hearing for KINDERGARTEN PARTY on Thursday, September 01, 2011 at 10:00 AM is hereby CANCELLED until further order of the court."

Part of Sparks' Friday order. Read the whole thing here.


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