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Muslim Mafia Booster Rep. Myrick: I'm On The Hasan Case

Newscom / Bill Clark

With the line about political correctness, Myrick was echoing conservative writers like Michelle Malkin, who declared today "political correctness is the handmaiden of terror."

Hasan's motivation in the shootings is not yet clear. President Obama said today: "I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we get all the facts."

Myrick has been leading a group of four House Republicans on a campaign to investigate Muslim intern "spies" on Capitol Hill, an effort launched by supposed revelations in the new book Muslim Mafia. She has touted the book -- for which she wrote the foreword -- despite the fact that its author has labeled Obama "Muslim" and questioned the loyalty of the two Muslim members of Congress.

Myrick said today, without specifying exactly what she meant, "I really and truly feel very strongly that we've got to look at this in a different light." We haven't heard the last from Myrick on the case. Noting her seat on the Intelligence Committee, she promised: "There's a lot to look into, and I intend to do that."

The audio of the interview is below. The anchors framed the segment as Myrick "weighing in and talking tough about Muslims in the military," and they noted that "many say [Hasan] is a lifelong Muslim."