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Don Young Shows His Mink Teeth

When a reporter tried to inquire about the "changes," he responded in a raised voice, "I don't know what changes you're talking about, and I'm not going to discuss those changes." When the reporter pressed, he got, "I have no idea, I have no idea" for an answer. When he continued to pres, he got: "And that's it. I'm not going to discuss it any more. If you have any other questions along those lines, you can just forget it."

Young, who's convinced that The Anchorage Daily News is on a vendetta against him (remind you of a certain senator?), canceled a press conference the next day when he learned that ADN reporters would be present.

It's going to be a fun campaign. Young refers to one of his Democratic challengers, Jake Metcalfe, as Jake the Snake. And it didn't take him long to lash out at his primary opponent, Parnell, who's father, running as a Democrat, lost to Young in 1980. "Sean, congratulations," Young told the convention this weekend, "I%