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Dem Staffer Convicted After Bathroom Line Punchout At Night Club


Here's what happened, according to allegations by the government in court documents reviewed by TPM:

It was around midnight on a Friday night at Public Bar, located on the 1200 block at 18th street in Dupont Circle. The bar and club offers guests "the casual vibe and high energy of a neighborhood hotspot" but things were about to get overheated.

Goldberg "cut his way through the line for the bathrooms." As he was leaving the restroom, a man waiting in line, Peter Murray, remarked: "That's not right, you cut in front of everybody who was waiting."

Goldberg then, according to the government, "punched [Murray] in the mouth with a closed right fist causing a deep laceration to [Murray's] upper lip." Three witnesses watched it happen. Murray refused medical assistance at the scene but told three uniformed officers -- who were working a detail at the bar -- that he was taking himself to the hospital.

For the assault conviction, Goldberg got a 45-day suspended sentence and one year of probation and he was ordered to pay court costs of $700 and attend an anger management class.

"I'm extremely sorry for my actions and I am working to make this right," said Goldberg, in a statement provided by Kosmas' office.

The ethics committee decided not to investigate the matter. Said Kosmas' chief of staff, Leslie Pollner: "We are aware of the committee's decision and Marc is fully complying with the terms of his punishment."

(Additional reporting by Evan McMorris-Santoro)