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Dear Gina's MySpace Wall: I'm From JP Morgan, And I'm Here For Your Father's Car

The clever collection agency implicated is a Washington State firm called Universal Tracing Services Inc. Quoth its website:

Universal tracing prides itself in using the latest technology and resources to track down and locate the hardest to find missing persons, and debtors.
Of course, if the neglected state of her wall is any indication, Gina Ricobene might have found an even more current social-networking platform -- but the bigger problem, according to her father's complaint, is that in the absence of a court order refusing to surrender collateral is not a crime in Illinois, much less a "class 5 felony," which the suit claims is a made-up term. The suit accuses Universal and JP Morgan of libel, fraud and invasion of privacy.

Neither Universal nor JP Morgan Chase would comment on the specifics of the suit, but Universal president Ron Larsen did confirm that his company had been contracted by JP Morgan. Larsen said no one named Chris Flanagan had ever worked for him, and vowed to fight the charges "vehemently" in court, though he would not say the name of his attorney. Larsen also explained that his company was not a collection agency, but a tracing firm in the business of tracking down assets and people. Presumably, they will figure out how to track down Chris Flanagan. In other news, they are hiring right now.