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Civil Rights Commission Chalks Ups Bush DOJ Illegal Hiring To 'Ideological Conflict'


"During the Bush administration, the press reported ideological conflict within the Division," the report says. Referring to the allegations made by J. Christian Adams (who was hired by Schlozman) and Christopher Coates (who Schlozman called a "member of the team."), the report says that if "the testimony before the Commission is true, the current conflicts extend beyond policy differences to encompass allegations of inappropriately selective enforcement of laws, harassment of dissenting employees, and alliances with outside interest groups, at odds with the rule of law."

"These issues need to be thoroughly investigated and properly resolved or public confidence in the Civil Rights Division will be seriously eroded," the report continues.

Conservatives on the commission are examining the Justice Department's handling of the New Black Panther Party case as well as what they say is a culture in the Voting Section and Civil Rights Division they say is opposed to the enforcement of race-neutral law.

As of last month, they had spent nearly $175,000 on their 2010 Enforcement Report, which focuses on the New Black Panther Party case and the allegations made by Adams and Coates. Due to what they say is a lack of cooperation by the Justice Department, much or the report relies on media accounts.