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Brownback Complaint About Student Tweet Lands Kansas Teenager In Principal's Office


Brownback's office flagged the tweet to the event organizers, who in turn passed the complaint on to Sullivan's school. This got her called to the principal's office:

The principal "laid into me about how this was unacceptable and an embarrassment," Sullivan said. "He said I had created this huge controversy and everyone was up in arms about it ... and now he had to do damage control.

"I'm mainly shocked that they would even see that tweet and be concerned about me," she said. "I just honestly feel they're making a lot bigger deal out of it than it actually was."

Sullivan said the principal ordered her to write letters of apology to Brownback, the school's Youth in Government sponsor, the district's social studies coordinator and others.

The worst part? Sullivan didn't even actually say any of these things to Brownback. "Some of my friends were joking about what they'd really like to say (to Brownback), so I just took out my phone" she told the paper. "I guess it was kind of a heat-of-the-moment thing."

As of this writing, Sullivan's Twitter account still contains the offending tweet -- plus new messages thanking people for their support, in a change of pace from the account's previous content of messages about the Twilight series.