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Brother Of Bin Laden Hunter: 'I Felt He Had A Good Chance' (VIDEO)


Gary Faulkner was arrested this week in Pakistan with weapons, night vision gear, and a Christian religious book. Asked about the fact that Gary Faulkner has serious kidney problems and needs dialysis to live, Scott Faulkner said that as a doctor he still condoned the plan.

"Knowing my brother, being a physician, I understand that people have to have a passion in life, to live. And he was not crazy, he had a plan. It was a logical plan."

He went on: "He knew his health was failing, he wasn't sure whether he was going to make it alive. In fact that's what we talked about on the ride to the airport -- I asked him what his final wishes were if he were to come back home in a body bag. But this was not a death wish and he did not want to become a martyr."

Scott Faulkner also noted that his brother has survival skills from his days hunting -- animals, presumably, though he did not specify -- in the Colorado mountains. "Given the fact that our military is in Afghanistan, really not in the northern mountains of Pakistan, I felt he had a good chance," he said.

Watch the interview: