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AZ House Candidate: Dems Are Busing Mexicans In To Vote Illegally (AUDIO)


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Reached this morning, a spokesman for Kelly's campaign downplayed the remarks, saying it's "not the centerpiece of our campaign." The spokesman, John Ellinwood, said Kelly meant that such activity has happened in the past, but the campaign hasn't had any reports of it happening so far this year.

"It would be on Election Day," Ellinwood said.

The Giffords campaign, which sent the above clip to reporters, said in a statement, "If Mr. Kelly has evidence of systematic voter fraud, he has a responsibility to come forward with it, not just use it for talk radio fear mongering."

The secretary of state's office says they haven't seen any evidence of the sort.

"We've seen no evidence of that allegation," a spokesman told AZ Central. "It's almost become a kind of urban legend in Arizona. In terms of specific instances, we haven't seen it."

A Nexis search did not turn up such reports. Arizona law requires voters show ID at the polls. A federal appeals court this week struck down a law that requires proof of citizenship to register to vote.